What Women Want from Men?

There is no clear cut wish list as to what women really like in men and what makes men attractive to them but here are a few general ideas as to what is predominantly sort after by women the World over who all agree on some ideas and so these would be great for men to look into and develop if they would like longer lasting happiness with the opposite sex.

  • Women love a guy who can listen as once women start the chit chat, even the shy ones, they love to feel understood and interesting to the Opposite Sex. So men who just brag about this, that and the other and don’t let the girls get a word in edge ways are dead beat!
  • Women love men who are kind, gentle and compassionate, yet who can show confidence and strength at the same time and this may look a little confusing to men at first but once they hang out with their favorite girl they can see what really ticks.
  • Women like men who are well groomed, clean and tidy, even if they are into casual dress as they like to feel that their man is on top of the World.
  • Women like men to compromise and accept the things they like and not sit in front of the Box watching footie all the time and going out with their Mates as this is a sign that a future relationship will be a disaster. If a women cannot see a man changing from these types of habits early on then this is a warning sign for the woman to get out fast. We are not saying men should give up all the things they like but what we are saying is to continue having hobbies but making sure there is room for this new person in their life and not just at bed time!
  • Women love men who enjoy shopping and we don’t mean only shopping for gadgets and gizmos, we mean mundane food shopping, clothes and what not. So men if you REALLY want to be sexy for your woman, then go shopping with her. This is one of the greatest turn-ons believe it or not!
  • Women love men who never forget a birthday and who are into spontaneous gift giving and the gift doesn’t have to be humongous. It is that notion that the man is thinking of his girl that makes the giving special.
  • Women also like men who don’t get up from the bed straight after making love to them, or who go to sleep and start snoring immediately. A nice cuddle after intimate moments makes a women feel loved and secure. Men should be sensitive to woman’s needs too. 8. Women like it when men phone them and are good at time keeping. Men who arrive late for dates or never phone their wives when they are going to be late home are a great pain in the Proverbial for many women and THEY DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT.