What to Text Girls When You Have Nothing to Say?

You want to text this girl, but you feel like you have nothing to say to her? If you are like most guys, until you get a good bit of practice in texting girls in, you will have this nagging feeling that you don’t have anything to say to a girl, or know how to open with a girl via text message.  It is normal and not that hard to overcome.  Here is a quick lesson in what to text girls when you have nothing to say!

Whatever You Text a Girl, Don’t be Boring

The first rule to remember when you are trying to come up with something to say to a girl, is to never be boring the classic “what is up” is pure death! In one stroke it shows that you do not have anything going on, do not have enough imagination to get a conversation going and are hoping she will have something going on.

Do not leave me here is a quote from a question I pulled off Yahoo:

Sometimes they’ll (guys will) text me, and after saying, “what’s up”, they have nothing else to say, or don’t seem interested in keeping up the conversation.

it makes me feel like I have to do all the work trying to keep the convo, and when i don’t try to, I feel really boring and get worried that they’ll lose interest.


Keep Girls Off Balance With Your Text Messages

Girls love to get surprises and this equally for text messages.  So if you are stuck for something to text a girl, try and come up with something that will shake her out of her routine, make her wonder what you are talking about, or wonder what you are up to.  I just read this one in The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls.  It is a bit out there, but used on a girl with the right personality, it will really make her smile!

I heard on the news someone checked into the pysch ward wearing only a thong and riding a goat. I’ll come & get u…. BUT THIS SHIT HAS 2 STOP!!!!

This line is funny, just a little crazy, and at the same time isn’t something that she can misinterpret and get pissed off about.  The up-side is that it opens the door for her to answer back something funny and witty.  Quite honestly if she doesn’t or gets cold, you might want to dump her because who wants to hang out with a girl like that?

Ask Her Questions to Get Her Involved In the Conversation

There is a fine line in asking a balanced number of  questions in a conversation.  You need to put in enough to get a train of thought and a conversation going, but not so many that the conversation turns into an interrogation.  When you are thinking you have nothing to text a girl, instead of saying something, ask a question!

  • Did you watch American Idol last night? Can you believe it went down like that?
  • I barely made it to work today! Bet you will never guess what happened!
  • I saw a quiz today that says you can tell a girl’s personality by what ice cream she likes.  Do you think that is true?
  • When a man talks dirty to a woman, it’s sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it’s $4.95 a minute. Why is that? LOL

In all these examples, the girl you are texting has to stop and ponder a moment before she answers and is a bridge into a conversation.  Asking her something like “Do you like chocolate?” is much harder to work with (though not impossible I might point out.)

When in Doubt on What to Text a Girl, Get Random

If you are still struggling and feel like you don’t know what to text a girl and don’t know what to say, get random!  There are bunches of sites with loads of fake facts.  I like to wander through and grab the ones I like and put them in a file so I don’t forget them.  Then when I am stumped on what to text a girl I like, I hit her with one of them.  This usually get a conversation going.

  • Someone just told me Queen Elizabeth has seen the movie “Spaceballs” at least twelve times.
  • My buddy is trying to BS me and convince me that if you notify the flight attendant that it’s your birthday, most airlines will let you exit the plane on the inflatable slide.
  • I just heard that Oscar Mayer is test marketing square bologna (to fit properly on square bread).
  • This dude I was just talking to said that It is possible to stand an egg up on its end, but only at the equator, on the day of the Summer Solstice. I think he is crazy!

Do some searches for “fake facts”, go through the lists and come up with some of your own.  I usually mix them up a little to make them flow better before I send them off to girls and make it feel a little more personal.

Still Fighting With What to Text a Girl?

Even if you don’t feel like you have thought of something good enough, be sure to text her anyway!  There is nothing that guarantees failure more than NOT texting a girl.  Even if you text her something weak, you have a better shot at her than if you text her nothing at all!

Enough reading blog posts!  Get out there get some girl’s numbers and start texting for dates!