What Smart Women Know that You Don’t

Now, this article isn’t insinuating that you’re not smart. Who knows; you may be one of the smart ones we’re speaking about here. However, there are plenty of women out there in the world—smart though they may be—who habitually make unwise decisions when it comes to hooking up with guys via free dating sites.

There are some things that “smart” women know that you don’t when it comes to dating, and we’ll go over a few of the things in this article.

Picky is okay

Smart online daters know that it’s perfectly okay to be picky. Out of all the hundreds of free dating sites out there, there are literally millions of men. It’s better to search for Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now – I think we can all agree on that point.

Individualism at all costs

There’s a lot of give and take in a relationship, but smart women know that the “give” part shouldn’t be a sacrifice. You should never give up any of your individuality. It is what makes you who you are, and having to sacrifice it for the sake of a relationship simply isn’t worth it.

Confidence is contagious

Are you a confident person? Smart women know that confidence is the best way to find happiness, and even that confidence is a contagious thing that will make a man—a real man, not a wimp—feel secure in himself. Your self-confidence is good for you, good for everybody.

Thoughtfulness trumps all

There might be times when you feel like being a B$*!@ just because you can be, or times where you’re not nearly as thoughtful as you should be. Smart women know, just because you’re using free dating sites and not speaking to someone face to face, it’s still important to be kind and thoughtful.