What Men Look for in Women?

Although each man’s tastes vary there is a general consensus as to what men actually like and find attractive in a woman and some of the findings might come over a quite surprising. Here are some of the results found from research made in this area. We are often manipulated and forced to agree with idea that to be a successful and modern day woman we have to behave like an out and out feminist, have a great career and constantly wear the trousers. That is not the case as men like women to be feminine and charming as well as have a degree of independence. Men in this day and age are just as confused as women are as to what their role in question really is. If a man is seen as polite and offers to buy lunch and open doors, women complain that that is being sexist and if they are crude and impolite, men are looked on as louts so here is a point of view regarding what men actually want to get somewhere in this dilemma.

  • Men like women to be feminine and to not look like men because if that was the case, then they would go for a bloke instead.
  • Women who are loving, warm and passionate are a great asset and top of the desired list as cold hearted women, however beautiful, wouldn’t last long in a relationship with a man. Men too like to feel loved and secure in a relationship.
  • Men, believe it or not, are quite old fashioned and although they like a woman who can keep them on their toes, they also like a women they can totally trust as men are even more rigid when it comes to unfaithfulness.
  • Men love sociable women who at the same time are homely as they eventually like the idea of settling down with a woman who can engage in social activities when married but who can also keep up a decent home life.
  • If a women has a sense of humor and can make light of things that is very appealing to many men as routine sets in, they need something to keep the spark going, especially when a couple is faced with daily problems.
  • Men love women who play supportive roles in their relationships, not acting as secondary people but supportive in the way they treat their man. Men don’t like women who constantly put them down or criticize them and not give any praise as this is one of the greatest turn offs for any man and a guaranteed way to lose in a relationship.
  • Men like women to look good and attractiveness and image are so very important to a man. Men are visual creatures and although they don’t expect you to be a six foot model, they do expect you to always look your best so be aware of this point. Even very so called spiritual men can be a little shallow at this point!
  • Men love commitment from a women but at the same time they also love challenges so keep your man on his toes but at the same time don’t make him feel insecure. Now that’s a really tricky one I guess!