Things You Should Never say to a Man

There are plenty of things you should never say to a guy if you expect to keep him. Whether you’re first meeting a guy via free dating sites or have been with him for years, saying the wrong thing can seriously emasculate or anger him and drive him away.

It’s been said that men aren’ t emotional as women, but that’s only because women have more of a tendency to let their emotions out. Men will hold it in, by and large, and let something you said basically kill the love that’s in a relationship.

You might not think it’s too serious, especially if you’re just getting to know your guy on the free dating sites out there, but you should never…

Compare him to an ex

Never, ever, as long as you live, compare your current boyfriend to your ex boyfriend. There are about ten thousand reasons why this is a bad move, and not a single reason that it’s a good move. Just avoid this, no matter how slight the comparison.

Call someone else “hot”

You might mean it as only a joke, but referring to one of his friends as “hot” is just a serious no-no. Even if you’re saying it about some random six-pack-wielding guy on TV, just save it; guys don’t want to hear that. They’ll think that you’re fantasizing about other men, and they’ll be ruined.

Question his sexual prowess

Maybe he really didn’t satisfy you in the sack. This is something you can subtly work on. But telling him that he didn’t, or worse, asking “is that it,” will totally emasculate him and you’ll be lucky if he can even get it up the next time.

Speak ill of his mother

Most men out there are definitely mama’s boys, and speaking ill of their mothers will result in your hind end being curbed. Seriously. Men, unless they don’t like their mothers that much, will not tolerate you speaking poorly about them.