How To Start Sexting A Girl

What You Need To Know About Sexting a Girl

Sexting is legally definied as “an act of sending sexually explicit materials through mobile phones.”  This can be video, pictures, or text messages.  The real question that guys should be asking is “When should I start sexting a girl?”  and “Why shouldn’t I sext girls?”

As a guy, I totally understand wanting to jump into sending dirty messages and pictures, sexting a girl that has given you her number.  My immediate advice is to never start sexting a girl you haven’t actually gotten physical with!

Trying to sext a girl you haven’t been intimate
with is likely to cause you to never get laid!

Why do I say this?  It is because until you have been intimate with a girl, she really has very little attachment to you!  You are just another guy trying to get into her pants and your attempts to sext her just proof that you are just like every other guy and only want in her pants.

Why Do Guys Always Want to Sext Girls Too Early?

The problem is that guys think like guys.  If a girl that we barely knew messaged us and said “I want to kiss you all over!” we would be pumped!  But smart guys (aka guys that get laid) know that girls think completely differently.  They get a that same message from a guy they just met and think “Who the fuck is this creep?”  They are programmed differently than us, just deal with it.  Your biology will tell you to start sexting a girl before you will succeed at it. DON’T!

Guys by our nature we want the conversation to turn sexual WAY too early.  I suggest never directly mentioning it until after you have already been with her.  You can use some sexual innuendo in your lead up to a date to stay out of the friend zone, but directly sexting a girl is a no-go.

Sexual innuendo prevents freind zoning,
but direct sexting too early will turn her off!

Secret Info: Girls Like Sexting!

Yes, you read that right.  Girls LOVE to sext as much as guys do, possibly more.  Text is girl’s go to format for porn.  Don’t think so?  Then why the massive success of books like 50 Shades of Grey?  Why do book stores stock countless volumes of “adult story” anthologies?

Girls like reading about porn, it puts their imagination into overdrive.  Guys like to see their porn, we love pictures and video.  Girls want to use their imagination and put themselves in the action that way. But there is more to it than that.

Girls are extremely social creatures and their reputations are a critical part of their lives.  Being perceived as slutty or whoreish for watching porn is not OK for them.  But they can safely titter with their friends about the perversity and sexual deviancy of something they have read.  Sex in text form is OK in a girl’s mind. 

How To Start Sexting Girls

OK, now this info is for getting a girl you already have been with and that you think is open to sexting.

Make Sexting Her Idea

DO NOT start out by sexting a girl with something like “I want my dick in you!”  Even if she did want to have sex with you, that will shut her down on the spot unless she is especially freaky.   Instead you need to get her asking and anticipating that you want her sexually.  Innuendo, ambiguous comments, and leading questions are the tools to use here.

“Been thinking of you. Wish I was there with you right now.” is simple and safe.  If she is in the mood you will be able to tell straight away from her response.  This is a good lead in if you aren’t sure if sure how she is going to react to your sexting advances.

The art to starting to sext a girl is getting her to think about sex without a direct statement.  Some banter followed up with a statement like “…but I don’t know what you are doing over there.”  can put her in a place where her mind is thinking of sex and wanting to share that with you.  Sexting girls is as much art as science.

There are some exceptions though.  I literally just texted a girl that I hooked up with last week “Would be nice if I was there right now nibbling on your neck, my arms around you pulling you into me.”  It worked great, but only because we already had been fooling around and referenced something we had actually done.

But even here, you see that I’m not texting her anything X rated.  Her mind will fill in all those parts.

Actually  Sexting A Girl

Once you have established some sexual intention and that she is open to the idea, then you can actually start getting dirty with your text messages.  You are the guy and in this case the story teller.  Girls HATE being asked what they do next, trust me on that.  They will often tell you, but don’t make them lead.  You are the alpha, to have to drive the sexting session forward.

What to Sext a Girl

Again, I will punch you in the face with the fact that you are a guy and think like a guy.  Sext a girl like a guy and you won’t hit home.  You need to sext a girl like they want.  Some good tips would be to read some romance books or erotic literature.  There is very little explicit talk of what is penetrating what and the words they use are much different from what you might want to read.

If you can get a girl through a whole text session with you never having to mention explicitly any genitalia, you are doing it right.

But seriously, read some porn written by women for women.  Learn the pace, learn the words, learn what they like.  That is how you get what you want!

Warnings on Sexting Girls

Don’t Sext Girls Too Often

One danger that you run into when sexting girls is making them feel like you are just using them to get off.  So limit your sexting sessions to once every couple of weeks.  Now if she starts one, that is a different matter.  If she is feeling used you will kill not just your sexting, but your actual ability to have sex with her.

Don’t Push For Naughty Pictures

One of the parts about girls sexting (or having phone sex) for that matter, is that it is very low risk for them.  When they are done they have all the emotional pleasure of sex, but none of the risk of actual sex.  When it is done, it floats away on the wind to them and is just a happy memory.

Pushing a girl to send you naughty pictures and video is a much more risky maneuver because those exist long after the deed is done.  Some girls will be OK with sexting you naughty pictures or video, but many won’t be so don’t push the issue!