Mocospace Review –

Mocospace Review –

Mocospace makes dating and finding friends easy and fun Join this social site if you want meeting new people!

Pros and Cons of Mocospace

  • The range and number of different games to play
  • Defining features are available for free (e.g. unlimited texting)
  • Easily and instantly accessible
  • Fake profiles, limited info available about other users
  • Might be hard to really chat with and get to know people
  • The payable options are rather expensive, the site can charge you without your confirmation

Mocospace Review

Mocospace is a site where you can meet new people which doesn’t only focus on dating. Its functions are very general and unlimited, you can meet people to hang out with, to date, or just chat with casually online. Launched in 2005, it can be used in so many different ways that you almost never run out of stuff to do there.

It is used almost as frequently by men as it is by women. The majority of users isn’t older than 34 – there is a small percentage of users who are in their late 30s. Some people access the site through their mobile devices and they download the app, but a significant number uses the desktop version of Mocospace. There is an almost even spread between the percentage of users who are Hispanic, African-American and Caucasian – each group takes up more or less ⅓ of all users of the site.

Mocospace – Main Features

The profiles on the site aren’t as detailed, their rather simple and you can sign up almost instantly. Because of that, you don’t really know what other users are looking for, if they are interested in dating or not, as there isn’t anywhere to include this info for everyone else to see, so you can usually only find out by actually talking to those people. There is a number of fake profiles here and the profile pictures aren’t moderated, so some visibly don’t belong to real users. Due to all these features, the human contact isn’t as real, because it’s harder to determine if you are talking to a real person or not and what their plan is, hence it is more difficult to use it as a proper dating site. But you can change the visibility of your profile to make it either public or private, so not everyone has to check you out if that’s what you prefer to do.


This site lets you use your Facebook or Google account, so you can use the info you included in those profiles. There are some complications with the mobile app – the free site makes use of ads so your time on it might be interrupted by plenty of pop-ups. However, the premium version isn’t available on Apple device, only Android, which can be pretty limiting.

The main social feature of the site is being able to display different profiles based on your choice – choose to show people who are nearby or those who fulfill your set preferences. A big pro is the ability to use the site easily, everything is visible and presented nicely, so you won’t overlook anything important and won’t get frustrated with the ways to use the site. Some features do resemble Facebook – if your profile is public, anyone can see your posts, there are some games that you can play online. The premium features include buying credits which then you can use on the site. Unlimited messaging options are available to anyone, which is important. Paying will mainly help you get seen by more people and let you do a few extra things, such as being able to see who viewed your profile. The paid features are not crucial and you can easily do without them.

mocospace review

The site offers some games that can make meeting new people more fun. Here you can see a list of some of them. There are different types and they can be used with other users, so you can definitely get dragged in to spend a lot of time on this website.


Mocospace stresses the importance of creating a community – mobile community – which is where the name of the site originates from. It’s a fun site that definitely offers a lot, it’s great for spending time in an enjoyable way. It has different ways of keeping people occupied and lets you be quite anonymous, especially if you don’t connect your social media accounts. Use a nickname that you want people to recognize you for – it can be your real-life nickname, tell others what you like and what you are looking for, what your wants are and your favorite things. This site is cool and full of people, but it might be hard to find a relationship here. The games are definitely one of the top features used by most users.


3.8 Overall Rating