How to Find and Date Asian Women Successfully

Culturally, it is considered a great accomplishment for an Asian woman to marry an American or Western man. This is because white men, particularly from the US, are thought to offer more opportunity and a better life than a man of any other nationality. To obtain the accolades of her family and for the benefit of her own status, an Asian woman might seek her American man on websites like where she will be sure to find a wealthy gentleman. 

Find and Date Asian Women

Asian dating customs are unique. Once a Western man has found the woman of his dreams, he must understand and respect the rigidity of Asian cultural norms in order to win her heart. First, in Eastern cultures, women are expected to be subservient to men. They will not be immediately accustomed to royal treatment; you must be able to patiently ease her into getting spoiled. Additionally, they are used to publically presenting themselves in perfect form. At first, it will be difficult to persuade an Asian woman to kick back without her makeup and high heels. You must let her acclimate to the reciprocal and relaxed nature of American relationships at her own speed without finding fault in her quiet timidity. 

 Asian men are often looked to for advice and direction. In fact, Asian men who are as much as fifteen years older than their female partners are considered within marriageable age; maturity indicates wisdom. As an American man, you will be expected to give the same kind of guidance. She will defer to you in all important matters – and as you help her to make decisions, her respect for and confidence in you will continue to grow. This will help you establish the rapport needed to ultimately enter into a physical relationship. 

Asian girls are waiting for you

It takes time to romance an Asian girl to the point where she is comfortable in becoming intimate with you. In Asian countries, men and women typically do not even touch in public, and certainly do not have sex until after marriage. Be sure to invest time into courtship in order to ensure that your Asian girlfriend feels comfortable with you before pushing the limits physically. If you become too physical too fast, she will leave you for someone that moves at a slower pace. 

 Once you have gained her trust or put a ring on her finger, she will submit to you without your solicitation and without playing games. Your desire for her body goes without saying and her nudity in yours to enjoy. However, during intercourse, an Asian woman is typically reserved and submissive. Be prepared to take the reigns.