How to Find and Date American Women Successfully

In the United States, a successful relationship starts with successful people. There are both virtual and real venues where you can find a successful, beautiful American woman. What follows is simply a slow romance in keeping with the great American tradition; then you’ll understand what it means to get knocked out by those American thighs.

Find and date American Women

Whether you live in the continental US or hail from abroad, one way to find a successful, beautiful, classy American woman is to set up an account on one of best dating sites. Women from throughout the US who value their beauty and brains seek men on this online dating site. In addition to Mutual Arrangements, men will find gorgeous American women in groups and clubs both on American soil and abroad. American women love to join clubs – from gyms to community classes to volunteer organizations – and they usually do so with the intention of expanding their social networks and meeting men. However, because women are more apt to join societies, they almost always outnumber male members. A surefire way to have your pick of many American women is to join a cooking class, running group, or art appreciation society; mix, mingle, and make them swoon over your charming accent.

When the romance begins, it is important to understand that American women pride themselves on their liberation. The best way to seduce liberated women is to support them in their independent endeavors. If she is an entrepreneur, nurse practitioner, or college student, be sure to vocalize that your support for their goals. Provide them with inspiration like books on subjects that interest them, clothes that suit their lifestyles, or monetary means to pursue what they want to do. Don’t tell them what to do; this indicates that you don’t believe in their ability to conduct business themselves. If you don’t agree with them, hold your tongue – at least until disagreements can be solved with a little romance.

American women are sexually conservative

While America breeds proud, independent women, they still expect to be treated with traditional respect. This means they will they expect to walk through doors that are held open for them, play coy, avoid eye contact in crowded rooms, and when the check comes to the table during dessert, she will not reach for her purse. Occasionally, a polite girl will make the offer to split the bill, or will contribute to the waiter’s tip. For the most part, however, American woman spend their weeks battling to be considered on equal footing with men and want only to be treated like a lady when on a date.
For the most part, American women are sexually conservative. Do not expect to be invited up to her apartment after the first and second dates. However, if you put in a solid effort to reinforce her independent lifestyle and treat her like a queen, then over a number of weeks and you will be handsomely rewarded. After you gain her trust, her conservative nature will melt away and nighttime will show you what a real liberated woman is like.