Fitness Singles Review –

Fitness Singles Review –

Fitness Singles is a dating site for fit people who love all sorts of activities and sports. The ideal site for active singles.

Pros and Cons of Fitness Singles

  • Easy and simple accesses
  • Detailed profile information and useful ways of contacting others
  • Creative ways to browse other users
  • Possibly complicated and strict verification process
  • Some contact ways available to premium users only

Fitness Singles Review

Fitness Singles is a dating site made for people who enjoy sports, spending time outdoors and exercising. It’s perfect for those who love going to the gym, jogging, swimming and everything else. People generally look for more or less serious relationships, mainly for those who share their lifestyle, so they can spend time doing fun and healthy activities together.

This site has mainly users from English-speaking countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland. There are around 50% of men and 50% of women who are using the site. The age range is pretty much unlimited and there are in no way only young people here, you can find middle-aged people who are successfully browsing the website. People can look even only for friends, those that they can play tennis or basketball with, anything is fine!

Fintess Singles – Main Features

To sign up, you provide your basic contact details. You can also write a longer biography and let everyone get to know you a little bit more. You are also asked to provide 3 fitness activities that you most like doing. But a lot of the signup parts are not mandatory and you can fill them out later, when you feel more inspired.

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You can search for other users. You can also save those searches so you can look at them more later. Sending messages and contacting others might be more difficult for you if you are only a free member. These features are enabled for premium users, you can also see other members’ full profiles and look at all their pictures. There are a few ways to view other users.

You can see people both in Who’s Online and Who’s New, and in Top 25 which displays the 25 most popular users. All options are available if you are a paid user. You can pick your preferences and focus on the search on them, so only people who fit your location, age or interest expectations will be displayed. If there are any users that you don’t like or don’t want to receive messages from, you can block them. One big downside is that the website doesn’t have a mobile app, so it can be only accessed through your computer.

Even free users can see other people’s profile pictures. There are a lot of details available, the information about people can be easily accessed and help others decide if they like that person and can try to hang out. There are also skill rates available to view on different sports activities that the others practice. It’s easy to determine if the other person’s level is similar to yours, if you can practice together or if you can teach them something.


Conclusion is easy to use and looks very practical. Texts are easily visible and the focus isn’t on fancy styling, but on accessibility. It is filled with rather simple pictures and doesn’t contain special features. There aren’t any additional options or games, so the site is just about getting to know people, messaging them and accessing information. The premium subscription isn’t too expensive and it will be worth getting if you are a fitness fan. If you really like someone and want them to know, you can click on Show Interest to show others that you would like to start talking to them.

There seems to be a strict policy against fake or suspicious profiles, so some profiles might not be approved if for whatever reason they appear like they violate those rules. But it does increase the site’s authority and makes it more authentic and secure, and void of spam and bots. You can be sure that the people you are talking to are actually real. It’s definitely a must try for you if you have a healthy lifestyle and haven’t found a partner who can match your expectations and preferences. Also, as a premium user, you can receive text messages whenever you get a response from another member on FitnessSingles.

Rating is dating site where single gym or sports people find their partners and friends who share their interest in exercise.
3.5 Overall Rating