Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t online dating a little scary?
Of course it can be. Meeting somebody that you’ve never met is always a little scary, whether the internet is involved or not. The benefit of meeting online though is that you will already know something about that person you’re meeting. You will gain insight into your compatibility with the other person without the large commitments of moving in with them.

You will have chatted across email, web camera or instant messenger, so you’ll have some conversation starting points. That’s more than could be said for the notoriously difficult to navigate blind date.

Ultimately, although it offers a different approach, internet dating can be as successful and fulfilling as those traditional forms of courting. At the very least, online dating sites have opened up a larger world (locally, nationally and globally) for the likeminded to dip a toe into relationship waters.

How do I know which site is right for me?
When choosing an online dating site, one should ask themselves what they are looking for in a relationship. There are tons of datings sites that are sure to match your specific desires. Here are a few examples:

Lets say you are looking for a long term relationship, possibly leading to marrige. If that the case, you would get the best results from a dating site that focuses on just that. A great example of this would be eHarmony.

However, someone who is looking for a discrete relationship, or maybe a no strings attached realtionship, would have better luck with dating site like, or ones similar.

These are only two examples. There are many others, its just a matter of finding one that suites your unique interests.
Does online dating really work?
Of course it does. You just need to take some time finding the right site for you. There are many ways you can increase your chances of success with online dating sites. You can read all about that on our online dating guide.

Many people still hold the misconception that online dating is a last resort for “losers” who have no hope for finding a partner. This could not be any further from the truth. There are people from all walks of life that use online dating sites. You would be surprised at how many beautiful, successful people use these sites

Is it worth it to pay for a membership?
Absolutely. Almost every dating site will allow you to create a free profile, but if you want to have any communication with your matches you’ll have to purchase a membership. Honestly, this could very easily turn out to be a lot cheaper than going to the bar every weekend and paying for drinks just to go home empty handed.

There are free dating sites availiable, however your chances of actually meeting someone on these sites is much lower. Free dating sites are filled with scammers and fake profiles. If you’re serious about meeting someone from an online dating sites, paying for a legitimate site would be your best bet.

Is my personal information safe?
The only people who will ever see any of your personal information, such as your credit card info, are those who run the dating site. If you are using a legit site, you have nothing to worry about. These websites cannot leagally share your information with anyone. If you are still unsure you can check each site’s privacy policy.