Elite Singles Review – EliteSingles.com

Elite Singles Review – EliteSingles.com

Elite Singles is a serious online dating site for people who are interested in stable and long-term relationships.

Pros and Cons of Elite Singles

  • Real people and it’s possible to find a relationship or date
  • Extensive features to learn things about other users
  • Professional and nicely planned, organized
  • Can’t send or receive messages as a free user
  • Formal and strict

Elite Singles Review

Elite Singles focuses almost exclusively on people who are looking for serious relationships. Apart from that, the majority of users are people who have university degrees. Because it is not a dating service that lets you choose the users you are interested in, but, based on your expectations and info suggests the right matches for you, it is mainly used by people who are aged 30+. The gender proportion is said to be pretty much equal, 50% of men and 50% of women.

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Elite Singles – Main Features

The website is very clear that it’s here for those who are looking for serious relationships, so everyone’s motives are known upfront. In order to sign up, you need much more time than on other sites, but this is due to there being a survey to fill out, in which you answer questions and write about your ideal partner and yourself. There are also questions about your character and typical behavior, how you act in certain situations and what your traits are.

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To make contact with other users, you can like their profiles, ask and answer questions (5 Questions). However, you can’t message others if you don’t have a paid membership. As it often is with these professional websites, main features are available for premium members. The features that need to be paid for include even being able to view other people’s pictures. As a free user, you can’t even receive other people’s messages.

Profiles have high levels of details and compatibility between users is clearly shown to them. The mobile app is very functional and clearly shows all the necessary details. The downside is that it is now only available on Apple devices. The design of both the site and app are clear, well-organized and stylish.   Your membership will automatically renew after each period that you purchased it for and the full sum will be charged and taken from your preferred payment method.


There is a personality test that concerns the following traits and each user’s level of them: Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion and Neuroticism. However, it doesn’t show the exact answers to other people and keeps them private. The site does have a lot of users who are working professionals, with a lot of stability in their lives. If you are one of them or are looking for someone who is like that, then EliteSingles is the perfect place for you. You can send five questions to other users in order to find out more about them. Though it is an American site, it’s popular in many countries worldwide, as the website states.

Elite Singles also has very professionally-written articles that are highly developed in terms of psychology and emotional help. You can read about how to date and meet people, but also move on from bad experiences, seek help, find advice on relationships, the past, friends, how to be a good friend or be in a fulfilling relationship


EliteSingles.com is very good and safe dating website. You will not find bots or fake profiles, as the website is prepared exceptionally, also to offer assistance if you need it at any point. Naturally, this isn’t a place for you if you are unsure whether you want a formal relationship or want to have fun or upload graphic pictures, so if this is your preference then you won’t find what you need right here.


Elite Singles is a professional dating site where people can find serious relationships. Visit it for stability, love.
4.3 Overall Rating