eHarmony Review –

eHarmony Review –

eHarmony is one of the best sites when it comes to singles dating, and it offers lots of amazing features

Pros and Cons of eHarmony

  • Success rates of 90 people on average every day get married.
  • Utilizes a Guided Communication process to help matched couples communicate
  • Gift certificates available
  • You are not accepted if you have been married more than twice
  • You have to be legally divorced, not just separated
  • Straight has to be your sexual orientation

eHarmony Review

There are not many people who have not seen the eHarmony commercials where they have the happy perfectly matched couples sharing their own story. e Harmoney was founded in 1999 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren PhD., Psychologist and bestselling author. His concept paved the way for other dating sites to incorporate compatibility matching. His assertion on starting the website was “Most failed marriages were doomed from the start because of incompatibility.”

eHarmony – Main features

Unlike the majority of online dating sites who match you on basic personality and with the focus on appearance and your photo, eHarmony concentrates on an individual’s entire package.

Though their questionnaire is intensive and laborious (estimated one hour time to complete), its purpose is to find the best person for you but also to discourage people who do not really want to be in a serious long term relationship. Not everyone is accepted at eHarmony. If their personality profile finds you emotionally unstable you will not be able to become a member. People who have been married numerous times or people whose sexual orientation is not straight cannot become a member. It can be frustrating because you do not find out if they accept you or not until you have completed the entire test. An estimated twenty percent of the people are not accepted at

After you are accepted and become a paid member at eHarmony, your personality profile evaluation along with compatibility matches are sent to you; you are able to begin your relationship journey. eHarmony utilizes a Guided Communication process that assists couples in getting to know each other, thus eliminating that awkward first meeting phase. If you interested in looking at photos, you may only do so if you are a paid member and if the photos are your matches. However, they do offer a free seven day trial which allows you to view ten matches.


Taking a more scientific and in turn successful approach to dating has made eHarmony America’s #1 trusted relationship site. With millions of registered users eHarmony is an excellent source for meeting other online singles who are serious about finding someone special. The unique and patented system used has given an outstanding success rate for eHarmony’s couples with an approximate 90 members getting married each day!
4.5 Overall Rating