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Chemistry Review – is present predominantly in the United States but with also a membership base in Canada.

Pros and Cons of
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  • Hundreds of thousands of singles are using this popular dating service, creating multiple options for every single out there
  • Various ways to improve on your chemistry profile, thus allowing people to see the “real” you – increasing the odds of a lasting relationship
  • Cutting-edge compatibility tests designed by Dr. Helen Fisher, who firmly believes—and proves—that there’s far more than “one” perfect match for an individual
  •, unlike other sites, actually implements an enjoyable test, with various graphs, activities and easy-to-answer, whimsical questions that help read your personality
  • All members must take the initial chemistry test before signing up and/or viewing their matches
  • does not include a search feature; the site finds matches for each individual
  • Creating a proper profile can be a lengthy process has been one of the more effective and popular dating websites for years, and with a plethora of good reasons. While other sites focus on narrowing your traits down to pseudo science and subsequently matching you up with your “best bet,” takes a different approach. Instead of pointing you in the right direction based on trivial parts of your personality, members are matched based on, what else, chemistry. This tried-and-true matching of individuality is hard to achieve, but has stats that speak loudly to the overall effectiveness of this method. – Main features is the unique chemistry test taken at the very beginning of the online dating process. With user-friendly questions and even quasi-games to play while divulging bits and pieces of your persona, it doesn’t feel as if you’re actually taking a “test,” per se. This allows openness and honesty and thus brings about better results.

While other dating sites of the world deal strictly in compatibility, focuses on the actual human element of dating. Knowing that a successful relationship takes two individuals fully committed to making it work, the site implements one of the most complete matchmaking systems online, dealing specifically in human attraction and studying successful relationships to create a working formula. also runs through personality types in detail, explaining what type of individual you are and how that matches up with others. There is also a slue of other features offered at, including advice columns, the “Chemistry Buzz” section—which tells members of the latest dating news—and even a section dedicated to Dr. Helen Fisher.

Why Join was developed by people serious about relationships for people serious about relationships. There’s no middle ground with the site. Everyone joining will have to reveal their personality—even if they think they’re not giving much up—and then wait to be matched. This formula, as Chemistry’s success rates prove, works.

Even those new to the online dating world will find that the site’s profiling process is simplistic above all else. The features offered, like the advice columns and news section, also help hopeful daters stay in tune with everything that’s going on.

The number-one reason to join, however, is the pure chemistry. Through countless studies and a lot of hard work, the system in place at will find a match for virtually anyone. And with so many members using the service, there’s bound to be more than one match to choose from. really goes above and beyond for trying to find the best way that people click, and succeeds thanks to the incredibly intense amount of research that went into finding the best compatibility measures for different matches. Anyone who’s looking for a serious dating site that wants to do the right job the first time should give a try.
4.3 Overall Rating